As the internet is the only solution to every problem, online news demand is increasing. This is a period where you have the world in your hand, thus this World is called the global village. Any movement happening in any corner of the world is spread across every country within seconds. No doubt, we are separated from the borders but connected closely by the media, and everyone wants to know every roaming story around.
Seventy-five percentages of American internet users are searching the news on the web. As using a phone is a habit of the people nowadays, reading news and stay updated with the latest stories is easy. Because of the easiness and rapid news, online news demand is increasing. Moreover, people prefer reading articles rather than seeing an advertisement, and people trust on internet information rather than any other source.
Due to the increasing demand, every publisher is trying to publish Niche News. You must have seen some trending stories are overrated. Firstly in this recent world, every common person is a news anchor, writer, and producer and secondly, everyone targets the topic in which the audience is interested hence the favorite topic or news goes trending.

People don’t read the news for only information but they also love to read news for entertainment. Truly, roaming stories around the internet is loved by internet users and news junkies spend hours reading Niche News stories. Every other source seems a little tough such as, reading a long newspaper, watching news TV channels. As on the internet, journalists try to make news as much appealing as possible, always interesting stories gain attention. In comparison to this, TV channels and newspapers tell straight and simple news. Altogether, these are all the reasons for increasing the demand for online news.